Over the years with improving cameras and accessories, self teaching, practice and patience I have been able to get some quality macro and close up images of plants and insects showing the beauty of nature.


I have always been interested in looking at plants close up, encouraged first from my Rural Science lessons at Acle secondary modern school looking through the microscope at plant tissue and cells.


I needed to become more competent and experienced in insect identification during my Earlham Park Nurseries years and later B.A.S.I.S. training and exams learning about Pests and Diseases, Beneficial Insects and how to manage and encourage the good insects from those that damage garden plants and crops in the most environmentally friendly way possible - it was and still is a challenge managing Pests and Diseases but is fascinating, growing the right plants and providing habitat will encourage and sustain Beneficial Insects that help to control insect pests and enrich our environment.


When I am taking photos of plants often a visiting insect appears, if I am quick enough I change my camera settings and lens and try to get close up to see as much detail as possible, usually without a tripod.


What a beautiful tapestry, graphic or is it?

See bottom of the page to identify








Hoverfly, Eupeodes on Anthemis tinctoria

The Dell 07-13-2002

Bee on Verbena bonariensis

The Dell 09-25-2015

Unknown Insect on Verbena bonariensis

The Dell 08-24-2014

Damselfly, Pyrrhosoma nymphula

The Dell 05-10-2015

Bee on Scabiosa

Attingham Park 08-05-2015

Bee on Chives

The Dell 05-31-2014

Bee on Helenium Sahins Early Flowerer

Powis Castle 08-09-2016

Bee Feeding on Apple Pollen Jonagored

The Dell 04-23-2017

Bee Feeding on Apple Pollen Jonagored

The Dell 04-23-2017


Female Orange Tip Butterfly

Anthocharis cardomines

on Anthemis punctata cupaniana The Dell 04-28-2017

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